100% 'Done For You' Paid Ad Campaigns

We help busy medical practices and completely outsource their paid ad lead generation efforts.

Our app has the ability to auto-schedule new patients appointments so you don't have to worry about chasing down leads.

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads are the most affordable way to get qualified new patients into your practice... as long as you have an experienced team running the ads and systems & automations to convert leads into appointments without lifting a finger.

How We Deliver Results

Dedicated Expert Staff

You are already busy enough running your practice. Let our team of experienced Facebook specialists handle all your needs.

Outreach at Scale

Focus on serving patients instead of finding them, while our team manages your lead generation efforts every day.

Full Campaign Tracking

Between instant notifications of new appointments & access to our campaign dashboard, it'll be easier to welcome new patients.

Accessing your Facebook account

Your assigned and dedicated campaign administrator will connect to Facebook via our ad account business manager.

Finding your dream patients

Using Facebook & Instagram and the exact criteria you share with us of what your ideal patients look like, our in-house ad experts will create campaigns to find them.

Sending multi messaging campaigns

Our team will take our proven email and SMS message sequences and customize it to the unique features of your practice.

Notify you of booked appointments

As leads convert into appointments and complete our pain assessment survey, you will receive instant email and SMS alerts.

Book A Demo Call

Can you handle more new patient appointments every month?

Are you struggling to find time to follow up on the leads you have?

Do you want to get off the phone and have more time to focus on existing patients while still getting lots of new patients?

Do you want to grow your practice to a size you’ve only dreamed of?

Book a demo call to learn exactly how everything works and we'll answer any questions you may have.

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