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Hi! I'm Brenton Garen, founder & owner of The Garen Group!

Launched in January 2018, we are so much more than just a digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing strategies for medical practices - we are a full-service CRM system too!

We not only help you capture more leads from your existing channels, but we set-up and implement our proven ad campaigns, smart automations and email/SMS messages so all you have to do is worry about seeing new patients when they walk in the door to your practice.

Liam Garen chats with Dr. Scott Perlman about working with us! "It's nice to see that I'm making money for my business because of what you are doing for my business. And I thank you for that, it's a pleasure!"

Brenton Garen chats with Dr. Geoff Abrams about his success with our digital marketing to attract more SoftWave Therapy patients on a consistent basis.

Brenton Garen chats with Dr. Laurie Gibbons about the results she's been getting for her SoftWave Therapy treatments... and why she selected us over six other marketing agencies.

Liam Garen chats with Dr. Seth Lunneborg about how great his SoftWave Therapy marketing has been with us!

Brenton Garen chats with Dr. Steven Miranda about his first nine months with working with us, from launching with chiropractic ads to evolving to SoftWave Therapy.

Brenton Garen chats with Jason Root and why he chose to work with us after interviewing a handful of other marketing agencies.

Brenton Garen chats with Dr. Jason James to talk about the amazing results generated the same day he launching using The Garen Group!

Brenton Garen chats with Dr. Tim Vierheller who had used 10+ other companies before being referred to us by a client!

Brenton Garen chats with Dr. Demetria Casady of Solstice Chiropractic about how The Garen Group helped her go from 0 to 40+ patients in her first month!

Brenton Garen chats with Dr. Milad Keshavarz of Dr. K Chiropractic about his practice that is now seeing 15 new patients a week thanks to The Garen Group!

Dr. Matt M.

Wow, within the first few days we received five new appointments book automatically on our calendar. I can highly recommend The Garen Group, it’ll definitely give your practice the boost that it needs.

Dr. Brian S.

We were somewhat skeptical about Facebooks ads like most chiropractors after trying it ourselves a while back. The results have been outstanding since the very first day that the campaign started.

Dr. Paul B.

In additional to all the new appointments generated via The Garen Group, we're seeing a lot of these new patients refer their family and friends to us, so there is extra added growth in our practice from this as well.

Dr. Chris M.

It didn't take long to get our practice back to the number of patients we were pre-Covid. I've referred several other doctors to Brenton and they are seeing amazing results too!

Dr. Alen H.

We offer very specialized treatments like Electro Acuscope - Brenton and his team were able to come up with a great ad campaign and we're getting lots of new patients.

Dr. Michael G.

We love the calendar booking automation - we get so busy at times that we have to block off a lot of days to slow down how many new patients can come in per a week.

Dr. Brian W.

I love the flexibility to change the ads and campaigns for different promotions we do like our various holiday specials. The system works very well.

Dr. Phil F.

Great results. Facebook ads have become our number one source of new patients over GroupOn, Google and referrals.

Dr. Christina D.

We love working with Brenton and his team. He recently sent out a professional photographer to take new photos for our ads and our website at no extra cost!

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